Case Study: Growth Equity IPO Alternative

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Edition: 2022
Author: 10X EBITDA
Pages: 2 Pages
Original Firm: Large Growth Equity Firm
Original Firm Peers: Warburg Pincus, General Atlantic
Relevance: Private Equity Associate / Principal
Content: 1 Case Study Prompt
File Format: PDF

Before you buy, you should know that this PDF only has the prompt (instructions) that the growth equity firm sends to candidates. It doesn’t have the solution, model or CIM. It only has the instructions. The target company is a public company and so there’s no CIM. You would grab all the information from the S-1 filing. The purpose of this PDF is to show you what a growth equity firm asked candidates to do in a case study. It is not intended to teach you how to do the case study.

All of our case studies are based on the REAL exercises conducted during the recruiting process.

  • Our case studies are as close as it gets to the real thing.

    The first thing we do when we develop a case study is to thoughtfully consider the different aspects of the original real case study. What was the company? What information was provided to the candidate? What questions did the interviewers ask during the debrief? What did the candidates struggle with? We then create mock practice case studies, tailored specifically to that firm. As a result, our cases are as close as it gets to the real thing and an excellent way for you to practice.

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  • We specialize in recruiting and have an unparalleled placement track record.

    Due to our industry experience, we’re intimately familiar with the logical reasoning and investment analysis thought process that the top buyside investment firms are looking for in case studies. Our coaching team has helped clients succeed at top private equity firms and hedge funds. Most recently, we’ve helped clients get offers from Apollo, Blackstone and KKR. We apply this expertise when crafting the case studies.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I get when I purchase this prompt?

    You get a PDF file with the case study prompt the growth equity firm gave to candidates. The case study is on a public company, so all you need is the prompt. Since it’s a public company, you can get the information from the filings or from the company’s website. The purpose of this guide is to show you what the growth equity firm expects you to do in the case study.

  • Is this prompt based on a real case study?

    Yes. The original case study was conducted by one of the largest growth equity firms in the world. It has one of the largest growth equity funds. This practice case study changed the company name, but the work you have to do is the same.

  • Can you share with me the firm’s actual case study?

    No. We only provide case studies written by us.

  • Does this guide come with any solutions or provide guidance on growth metrics?

    No. This guide doesn't come with any solutions. It doesn't provide guidance on growth metrics or how to model these metrics (i.e. ARR, retention, churn). All the PDF has is the case study instructions the growth equity firm sent to candidates. That's all the PDF has.

  • What about the case study debrief / case study discussion?

    The purchase of this guide is for a downloadable PDF file only. We offer case study debrief preparations separately through our interview coaching service. After you’ve completed the deliverables and you’d like us to help you prepare for the case study debrief, you should purchase our private equity interview coaching package.

  • What happens after payment?

    After payment, you will be able to download the PDF directly from our website. The PDF will be licensed exclusively to your individual use only.