Client Testimonials

Top Private School University Student | IBD SA

I have had a great experience with 10X - I just accepted a summer analyst offer from my favorite bank recently and I wouldn't have gotten where I am today without the help of 10X. Throughout the entire recruiting season (which had been rather long-winded for me since I was pretty unfamiliar with the process going in) they have been extremely dedicated and responsive. There were a lot of aspects about IB recruiting that I would otherwise not have known if it were not for the knowledgeable consultants at 10X which I am very grateful for. My consultant also helped me prep for superdays extensively in person and I became way more confident about my technicals afterwards. Moreover, I was also able to gain insights about the industry I was going into early on, not only from my consultants but also industry professionals that they connected me with through their network. IB recruiting can be a time and energy consuming process that can be hard to go through on one's own, so it was great that 10X was there for me every step of the way until I got my dream offer.

West Coast Private School University Student | IBD SA

After I submitted my order, 10X reached out promptly and assigned a professional to help me improve my interview skills. The process was smooth and the tutoring was effective. I landed a summer internship offer at the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs. For anyone with limited resources from school, 10X will help you quickly figure out a way to navigate the increasingly competitive investment banking recruiting process. Highly recommended!

Second Year Investment Banking Analyst at Small Boutique | Buyside

There is no way I would have been able to break into the buyside without 10X's help. I was in my last 6 months of my banking contract, recruiting off cycle from a lesser known boutique bank, and managed to land a role at great firm with 10X's help. The coach I was paired up with was a 10/10. The coach was working at one of the top funds, had strong experience advising candidates for recruitment and genuinely cared about the success of the process. The coaching is hands on and flexible. There is a deep understanding of what is required to land PE job here. I wish I had known about 10X in my 1st year of banking. It would have made a world of a difference.

Online Finance Course

Custom-made for candidates recruiting for investment banking summer analyst / associate positions and those recruiting for buyside without a strong technical background. The course contains a structured curriculum with online video lessons, worksheets and quizzes to help you develop a strong technical foundation for interviews.

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E-books to help you gain edge in recruiting and on-the-job.

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Our recommended reading list for industry knowledge.

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