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Buyside Technicals Add-On Guide for Private Equity and Hedge Funds

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Edition: 2022
Author: 10X EBITDA
Pages: 10
Relevance: All PE / HF candidates
Content: 80 PE & HF Technical Questions
File Format: PDF

Our Buyside Technicals Add-On Guide lists 80 technical questions that come up during private equity and hedge fund interviews. Based on countless interviews through the pre-MBA and post-MBA recruiting processes, this guide features many questions asked from these processes that had never been published before. Many questions in this guide are commonly asked by private equity firms and hedge funds. It covers the following topics: (1) Advanced LBO, (2) Business Model, and (3) Investing Acumen. Please note that this guide is a list of questions only. It does not include answers.

Our technical guides are based on the REAL questions asked during the interview process.

  • We specialize in recruiting and have an unparalleled placement track record.

    Due to our industry experience, we’re intimately familiar with the different technical questions that the top private equity firms and hedge funds ask during the recruiting process. Our coaching team has helped clients succeed at these firms. Most recently, we’ve helped clients get offers from Apollo, Blackstone and KKR. We apply this expertise when writing the technical questions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I get when I purchase this guide?

    You get a PDF file that lists 80 private equity and hedge fund technical questions covering (1) Advanced LBO, (2) Business Model, and (3) Investing Acumen.

  • Does this guide include answers to the questions?

    No, it does not include answers to each question. It includes a list of questions only.

  • What's the difference between this guide and the Core Technicals Guide?

    The Core Technicals Guide focuses on the core set of corporate finance technical knowledge that's applicable to both sellside and buyside. This core set of knowledge includes (1) Financial Statements, (2) Enterprise Value & Equity Value, (3) Valuation Multiples, (4) DCF, (5) LBO, (6) M&A, and (7) Capital Structure. These are concepts that you have to understand regardless of whether you're on the sellside or the buyside. This guide focuses on (1) Advanced LBO, (2) Business Model, and (3) Investing Acumen questions commonly asked in private equity and hedge fund interviews. They are specific for investing roles and therefore not usually asked in investment banking interviews. In this sense, the questions in this guide adds on top of the core set of technical knowledge. Hence the name "add-on" guide.

  • What happens after payment?

    After payment, you will receive an email with a link to download the PDF. The PDF is licensed exclusively to your individual use only.