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This is a 100% online, self-paced, self-study course designed to build you a strong technical foundation for finance job interviews. It’s taught by professionals at the Wall Street’s top firms and you’ll learn to perform analysis like how it’s done at Goldman and top PE firms. We recommend all candidates for summer analyst / summer associate and full-time positions to go through this course.

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Levered Free Cash Flow drives Equity Value while Unlevered Free Cash Flow drives Enterprise Value.

  • Understanding the financial statements and the accounting principles that underpin these financials
  • Analyzing and interpreting financials to understand the story the numbers are painting about the business
  • The differences between Equity Value and Enterprise Value
  • Valuing a company and its stock through Discounted Cash Flow analysis (DCF) and valuation multiples
  • How to think critically about businesses and build the right operating models
  • How to build dynamic financial models to reflect difference

I cannot say enough good things about this self-study finance course. It is by far the most comprehensive course I have ever experienced, and the wealth of knowledge is presented in a very thought out and clean manner. You will not be disappointed.

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Who This Online Finance Course Is For:

The course is perfect for students, both undergraduate and graduate students, recruiting for Wall Street summer internships and entry-level full-time opportunities. The materials covered in the lessons mainly relate to accounting, valuation and financial modeling, which are highly relevant to investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, equity research, asset management, and corporate finance roles.

They cover key technical topics that interviewers will likely test you on. The materials are not taught in the format of technical questions and answers like some other courses (that’s what you have interview guides for), but rather taught in a logical format that helps you understand the “why” and “how” behind the technical questions so you develop a highly differentiated and strong conceptual understanding of technicals for finance job interviews. This way, you’ll be able to handle different technical questions thrown at you.

This course is very helpful for current finance professionals who need a stronger foundation on the technicals front. Maybe you’re in a non-technical heavy group within IBD or you’ve been give feedback that you need to develop a stronger technical foundation. Or maybe you’re in finance but not in IBD. In any case, this course can help you strengthen your technical capability.

The lesson materials are 100% taught from a practical standpoint. The course doesn’t teach academic theories. Only practical exercises like how it’s done at the Wall Street’s top firms. The course comes with various lesson materials like summaries and Excel models that you can download and build alongside the instructor.

Now truth be told, the courses do start from the very beginning so you might know some of the stuff in the early parts already. But we’d recommend to still go through these early lessons that you think you already know because they’ll likely change how you think about these topics and build the logical foundation for future topics.

For pre-MBA buyside candidates, especially first year analysts before hitting the desk and management consultants, this course can help you with your private equity and hedge fund recruiting processes.

First of all, this course will help you think like an investor. All the other guides and courses teach you how to think about technicals from a banker’s perspective. This course helps you think about everything from an investor’s point of view. Second, there are critical items that you need to learn to do like exactly how it’s done at the top private equity firms and hedge funds. Having looked at Internet resources and other courses (often developed by people who did not work at large-cap buyouts or HFs), we can tell you that there are plenty of things taught in other courses that raised our team’s eyebrows. Take Free Cash Flow calculations for example. It’s obviously extremely important in PE recruiting and yet our private equity practice team (composed of former investment professionals from places like KKR and TPG) is horrified by how it’s taught in other courses because they’re just completely not what we do in actual private equity. Don’t even get us started on how they teach you to think about valuation and stock analysis.

Now truth be told, the course does start from the very beginning so you probably know some of the stuff already. It’ll be tempting to skip ahead but we’d advise you to still go through the basic lessons because these are probably the most important lessons as they’ll frame how you think about things for the rest of the course.

Career changers trying to transition into finance roles will benefit tremendously from this online finance course. It starts from the very beginning and concepts are explained in simple English with people like yourself in mind! People with no prior finance or accounting education have gone through the course and raved about how the materials are taught.

The course starts with the easiest concepts that anyone can understand and then gradually build up the knowledge. You’ll grasp highly complex financial concepts and be talking about companies with sophisticated financial insights before you know it. This course is ideal for career changers looking to transition into corporate finance-related jobs, such as investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, equity research, asset management, FP&A, corporate development, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m purchasing the 10X coaching package. Should I still purchase this online course?

    We recommend that you still purchase this online course. Our coaching packages and this online course serve completely different purposes. Our coaching package is designed to help you frame and structure your interview answers to bring out the best of yourself in interviews. The online course is designed to teach you technicals from the grounds up, which would take countless hours to explain via coaching. We can help you further enhance your technicals, but this course will build the foundation.

  • What does this course include?

    This course includes 1-year access to: 1) video lessons that teach you the concepts and show you how to perform the analysis, 2) quizzes to solidify what you learned, 3) lesson materials (i.e. financial models that you can download), and 4) Q&A with industry professionals that’ll answer your questions on the course platform.

  • Why should I take this course instead of other courses?

    First, higher quality. Easy to understand. Better visuals. And perhaps most importantly, you learn the right stuff. What many people who buy online courses don’t understand is that it’s possible that you learn the wrong stuff! We’ve looked at some of the other courses and are appalled by how they teach people to think about valuation and various financial metrics. It’s not how our team has done things at the investment bank or at buyside firms. They’re usually developed by people who did not work at the top investment banks and private equity firms. This course, however, has the 10X stamp of approval. The materials represent how things are done at Wall Street’s top firms and in-line with the bulge bracket banks’ valuation guidelines. Second, lower price. Bootcamps charge thousands of dollars for less than a week of training and other online courses charge anywhere from $200-500. Our pricing is the best for your wallet.

  • Can this course prepare me for investment banking / private equity / hedge fund interviews?

    Yes, absolutely! It’s developed by former Goldman Sachs investment bankers who worked at the world’s top private equity and hedge fund investment firms. You’ll learn the right things in the right order. It’s perfect for IBD / PE / HF interviews.

  • I’m a current investment banking analyst recruiting for pre-MBA buyside opportunities. Is this course still relevant for me?

    Truth be told, if you’re already strong technically, you might find that you know a lot of stuff covered in the course already. But we’ve found that even M&A analysts have benefited from the course in terms of how to think like an investor and how to perform the analysis in the exact way that buyside firms expect of you.

  • Is this online course included in any of 10X’s coaching packages?

    No. All of our products and services are mutually exclusive. This online course is not included in any coaching packages and must be purchased separately.